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Power Controls

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Power Controls

Mechanical, Mercury and Solid State Relays and Power Controls

The Jack Barber Company supplies single and three phase mechanical and mercury type relays with selectable coil voltages from MDI &Tempco. We also provide SSR type power controls with either manual potentiometer inputs or common process inputs such as 4-20ma or 0-10VDC.
SCR Power Controls

SCR Power Controls

Jack Barber Company distributes SCR Power Controls from 30 to 1200 Amps in zero switched and phase angle fired designs in both single and three phase voltages up to 600 volts manufactured by Ametec,Athena Controls, Avatar Instruments, Eurotherm,Tempco and Watlow.
Power Controls

Staging Controls

The Jack Barber Company provides stepping or staging controls in both digital and analog designs with both circular and up/down modes manufactured by Athena Controls.
Power Controls

Power Control Panels

Jack Barber Company provides custom built power control panels from Avatar Instruments, Tempco, and Watlow. These panels include most common options and are manufactured in NEMA rated enclosures.