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Miscellaneous Process Heat Components

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Handheld Pyrometer


Jack Barber Company provides both contact (surface and insertion) and non-contact infrared pyrometers manufactured by Exergen, Raytek, Tempco and Watlow. Pyrometers are available as both hand held and panel mount.These come in a large variety of temperature ranges and cover many different applications. Please request information to let us help you with your requirements.
Other Process Heat Instruments

Other Process Heat Instruments

We supply a wide variety of process heat instrumentation and components including chart recorders, thermocouple isolators, valve actuators, pressure transducers and many others.
Process Heat Accessories, Rotating Connectors

Process Heat Accessories

Jack Barber Company provides many accessory components including terminal lugs, ceramic wire nuts, high temperature wire, heat transfer compounds, specialty semiconductor fuses and many others.
Process Heat Systems

Process Heat Systems

We supply complete control systems and control panels for most process heating applications. These come in a variety of NEMA enclosures and are custom designed to the customer’s specifications. Our control panels are manufactured by Glo-Quartz, Tempco, Watlow and others. Please request information to let us help you with your requirements.
Semiconductor Fuses


Jack Barber Company supplies specialty semiconductor fuses for protection of Triac and SCR based manual and closed loop power controls. These fuses are designed to handle high frequency and short term voltage spikes that can easily affect many solid state control devices.