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Air Heaters, Assembly and Accessories

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Air Heater Assembly

Air Heaters

Jack Barber Company offers industrial process in-line, duct, & circulation air/gas heaters from Accutherm, Chromalox, Glo-Quartz, Kamweld, Leister, Sylvania, Tempco and Watlow for a variety of applications. Air heaters come in ratings from less than 500 W to over 400 KW and handle air flows from a few SCFM (lbs/minute) to flows in excess of several thousand SCFM (hundreds of lbs/minute) at pressures from a few lbs. to well over 150 lbs. (10 bar). Temperatures can be attained as high as 1600º F with many of the air heaters we supply.
Air Heater Assembly

Air Heater Assembly

We supply air heater assemblies with or without closed loop controls. These assemblies typically include the air heater and temperature sensor and in some cases they also include an air source such as a blower. These assemblies are manufactured by Leiaster, Osram Sylvania and others.
Air Heater Accessories

Air Heater Accessories

Accessory items for Air Heaters include, flares and nozzles and specialty manifolds for directing the hot air to the desired location. Also included are air heater housing assemblies for the replaceable air heater cartridges available with some of the heater designs. A large variety of both open loop and closed loop control options are also supplied.